Scientific Papers

Fascia Sound Massage Reaching out to a fascinating internal network with sound by Maria Schmidt-Fieber
Peter Hess® Sound Methods in Treatment and Prevention of Burnout by Dr. Rosa Matzenberger
Sound Massage – part of the interdisciplinary rehabilitation of severely ill patients by Nicole Becker
Sound “accompaniment” in the context of palliative care by Stephanie Schneider
Sound as the key piece of the puzzle in the journey of my recovery – my fight back into a second chance at life by Heike Sy
Sound and transcendence – a neuropsychological, physical and spiritual perspective by Prof. Dr. Thilo Hinterberger
Sound induced and sound accompanied process of consciousness by Sound induced and sound accompaniedprocesses of consciousness by Prof. Dr. Hinterberger, Koller
Sound therapy for autistic people: 29-year-old Sabine’s story by Monika Hecker-Stepholt
We’ll Make Munich Ring by Balmer, Schindler, Prof. Hella Erler, and Prof. Luis Erler
Project »Sound Break« Regensburg 2009 by Prof. Dr. Hella M. Erler and Prof. Dr. Luis Erler
Supporting the dying and seriously ill with sound by Melanie Fuchs
An autistic man’s wonderful sound journey by Birgit Sundermeier
Sound Massages in Music Therapy at Psychosomatic Specialty Clinic Medical Park Chiemseeblickby by Koller, Kirst
Sound, Oscillation, and Consciousness by Ulrich Krause
Peter Hess® Sound Massage for those suffering from Parkinson’s Disease by Santos, Dannemann
Sound Massage Restores My Quality Of Life by Margit Willems Whitaker
Sound therapy applications in beauty, wellness and cosmetics by Christina Koller
Why does Sound Massage enhance well-being? by Christina Koller
Relieving stress and strengthening health with Peter Hess®-sound massage by Koller, Grotz
Peter Hess Sound Massage as a Complementary Method in Therapeutic Practice by Christina Koller
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