Why become a member?

Your advantages at a glance

  • Professional support on your way of partial/self-employment with the sound methods by personal consultation, current specialized information and further training offers
  • Diverse information and working material such as lectures, press releases, brochures, flyers, posters, …
  • Exclusive or discounted participation in events such as the sound congress, sound evenings, online workshops, …
  • Networking and exchange of practice with sound colleagues from your region and from all over the world
  • Possibility to actively participate in the association’s activities, e.g. through a field report, initiation of or collaboration in projects, …

Who may become a member of the professional association?

Membership in our association is open to all persons who have completed a training recognized by the International Association for Sound Massage Therapy e.V. in the Peter Hess®-sound methods or have completed it.

The annual membership fee is 49 euros.

After completing one of the degrees listed here, you can be listed as a sound professional in our provider list.

A listing as a “health expert” with the FG is certified Peter Hess®-sound massage practitioners who have completed the advanced sound massage training and have been certified by the FV.

We support you on your way to part-time/self-employment

You have experienced sound massage or sound methods as particularly valuable for you and would now like to share them with others. Then you’ve come to the right place, because we’ll support you with expert knowledge, networking and mentoring on your way to part-time/self-employment!

Exclusive participation in events

Many of our events are exclusively available to you as a member. In addition, at our “sound evenings” in the Zoom room, you can ask questions directly to the speakers (via chat) or exchange ideas with sound colleagues from all over the world afterwards.

Numerous benefits

As a member you will benefit from numerous discounts on our events as well as on the extensive working and promotional materials with which you can present yourself as a professional in sound for little money.

Information and advertising material

We offer you extensive information and advertising material. This includes lectures, flyers, posters as well as the possibility of an individual consultation by our cooperation partner
on whose marketing services our members receive a whopping 20% discount!

Training opportunities

Those who want to become part/self-employed have a lot to learn. We offer you everything you need to know for your “small start”. Be it through our technical info or our diverse online workshops and seminars.

Text modules and image database

In our members area you will find numerous text suggestions on how to present your sound work in a sound way. And with our image pool, you can start advertising right away without having to spend extra money on photos.

Listing as a professional in sound!

As soon as you have completed one of our recognized trainings, you can be listed as a professional in the field of sound in our list of providers. And if you are “Certified Peter Hess®-If you are a “Sound Massage Practitioner”, there is nothing to stop you from being listed as a health professional on the website of the Independent Health Professions. This will make you visible to consumers as a professional in sound!

Professional liability

Professional liability insurance is an important component of your part-time/self-employment. With our partner you get a suitable offer at fair prices.

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