Quality assurance & certification

Certified Peter Hess® Sound Massage Practitioner

The International Association of Sound Massage Therapy e.V.. (FV) is a member of the Dachverband für Freie beratende und Gesundheit fördernde Berufe (FG), which represents the interests of many professional associations of various complementary methods under its umbrella. This membership enables an affiliation of the extended training of Peter Hess®-Sound Massage with the quality and ethics guidelines as well as the professional code of conduct of the FG. This is how we clarify the quality of our training compared to other sound massage providers on the market.

For this purpose, the training of the Peter Hess®-Sound massage extended by the seminar “Individual sound massage easy, skillful and safe design”. These additional hours as well as the logo of the FV and the FG are shown on the certificate of the professional association as “certified Peter Hess®-Sound Massage Practitioner” and enable you to receive a high-quality certificate as documentation of your training standard.

 Requirements, downloads and further information

Application for the FV certificate

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