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The positive effects of sound massage and sound methods are inseparable from the use of the so-called Peter Hess®-therapy singing bowls.

Because Peter Hess has already begun in 1989, parallel to the emergence of sound massage to develop singing bowls, which are optimally adapted to the needs of the practice. Originated the “Peter Hess®-therapy singing bowls“, which today are considered the “jewel among singing bowls”. They are characterized by excellent sound and vibration quality.

In many years of research and development, the pioneer of sound work has succeeded in developing different types of singing bowls that address certain areas of the body particularly well with their specific frequency spectrum. Despite its “standardization”, each bowl is unique.

In a classical sound massage, for example, a large pelvic and heart bowl and a joint bowl (or universal bowl) are used. Other types include, for example, the head, larynx, solar plexus bowl, as well as the XL and XXL singing bowl.

In addition, some other types of singing bowls are used within the Peter Hess® sound methods for sound massage, for sound settings and sound exercises as well as within the framework of sound and fantasy journeys. Various special singing bowls (with handle) have been developed for bodywork, as well as the so-called “bolo singing bowls”, which have a hole cut into the bottom so that they can be used especially well in the area of the joints.

But also the Sangha meditation singing bowls, the Fanello singing bowl as well as the Zen or Assam singing bowls are used with pleasure especially during meditations and sounding fantasy journeys.

But also gongs – TamTam gongs and Fen gongs – as well as cymbals are used in the Peter Hess® sound methods. The “working material” is rounded off by different mallets, rubbers and bearing materials.

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