The board of the association

The Board of Directors of the International Association of Sound Massage Therapy is composed of:

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1. chairman

Peter Hess

D-27333 Schweringen

Pedagogue and graduate engineer (FH) for physical technology. In years of research and practice, starting in 1984, he developed the Peter Hess® sound massage named after him, a holistic relaxation method that can help strengthen health and is now successfully used in numerous fields of work. He is the director of the Peter Hess Institute (PHI), to which 22 Peter Hess Academies worldwide are currently affiliated. He conducts seminars at home and abroad and is the author and publisher of numerous books and DVDs.

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Vice Chairman (Treasurer)

Ulrich Krause

D-31623 Drakenburg

Studienrat (a.D.) and research associate at PHI for many years. Contact person for the areas of press and public relations, specialist publications, research projects and specialist advisor for schools.

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Vice Chairwoman (Secretary)

Dr. phil. Christina M. Koller

D-93173 Wenzenbach

Dipl. Social pedagogue (FH), did her doctorate at the University of Bamberg on the use of sounds in pedagogical fields of work. She is a long-time research associate at the Peter Hess Institute and co-editor of several books published by Peter Hess.

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