Video call: We are writing sound history in 2024

Button-40-years2024 is our big anniversary year, because we are celebrating 40 years of Peter Hess® Sound Massage under the motto “Transform your life with sound”!

To do this, we are starting a very special project: people from all over the world are invited to talk about their very personal path to sound in short videos and to describe their experiences with the sounds. Over the course of the anniversary year, as many of these sound stories as possible will be published on our social media channels, on the YouTube channel: @Klang-TV, the blog etc.

In doing so, we are continuing the ancient tradition of storytelling, “storytelling”. Because stories have the ability to captivate and touch us. We can learn from them and get inspiration for our own lives! This is how we bring the sounds into the world in a very special way and report on the “miracle sound massage” so that as many people as possible can benefit from the beneficial effects of the singing bowls.

Are you there and writing sound history with us?

Then tell us in your video how you encountered singing bowls and sound massage. What happened after that first encounter, what changed in your life as a result of the sounds? Do you “only” use them for yourself and your loved ones or do you also use them professionally? If the latter is the case, in which area or field of work do you use the singing bowls and how has your work changed as a result? Tell us what drives your personal enthusiasm for the sounds!

Before recording your video, please read the Video Format and Structure file to see how your video should be structured, how long it should be, etc…
You can record the video in German, English or in your native language.

Upload your video here on the site. If you are one of the submissions whose contribution we select for publication, you will receive a CD or DVD of your choice by post from Verlag Peter Hess as a thank you (only applies within the EU). Select your desired CD or DVD directly when uploading your video file.

If you have any questions, please contact Katrin Beha in the office by email.

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