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23. July 2023 - “Little Resonances” Practical Impulses for KliK® Sounding Communication with Children

Ute Colemann

Ute Coleman

Attention: The event takes place on Sunday!
12:00pm – 1:00pm CET (Germany)
6:00pm – 7:00pm AWST (Australia)
6:00am – 7:00am CST (USA)

This interactive sound event offers a brief introduction into the world of resonance and how Singing Bowls can bring fun and fascination into the lives of children to promote self-awareness through sensory play and relaxation. Open to anyone who would like to find out more about the holistic benefits of the KliK® Sound Education program for children.

Singing Bowls stimulate the senses. They shine with a golden glow, and if you touch them with your fingertips or activate them with a mallet they emit varied and complex sounds. This sets both an acoustic and vibro-tactile stimulus which activates the auditory and somatosensory perception – hearing and touch.

Based on a playful and mindful approach, the handling of the instrument Singing Bowl, can reawaken the joy of children’s own sensory perception and intensify the ability to be present, to focus and to maintain attention independent of cognitive skills.

The sounds and vibrations of the Singing Bowls quickly and effortlessly lead into a state of physical and mental relaxation. They touch in an emotionally soothing way.

In this sound event you will gain an overview about the history, fundamentals and possibilities of the KliK® Program, get to know a couple of different sound games, which are wonderful to play with children and enjoy a short Imaginary Sound Journey from the book ‘Fanello’ by Emily Hess.

What you need to participate (optional): 1 Singing Bowl and mallet – preferably Peter Hess® Universal Bowl

„Children are our future. If we treat them with care, appreciation and give them opportunities to unfold joyfully and freely, the cornerstone for a peaceful future has been laid.“
Peter Hess

Ute Coleman is a certified Peter Hess® Sound Massage Practitioner, KliK® Sound Education Practitioner (first authorised teacher in English), Relaxation Coach, Basic Trust Coach, Emily Hess® Sound Yoga Practitioner and Director of the Peter Hess® Academy Australia. In 2011 she opened up her Sound Practice ‘Sound Relaxation’ in Margaret River, Western Australia and has since been working actively as a Sound Practitioner in various professional fields. She loves teaching courses online & live and sharing the Peter Hess® methods with her international sound community.

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23. July 2023

Evening Sound Event “Little Resonances” Practical Impulses for KliK® Sounding Communication with Children Ute Coleman
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