Peter Hess® sound methods

The term Peter Hess® sound methods encompasses the holistic relaxation method of sound massage developed by Peter Hess since 1984, as well as all specializations for its use in wellness and prevention, education and counseling, therapy, care and medicine.

In very simplified terms, a sound massage involves the use of special singing bowls – the Peter Hess® Therapy singing bowls – positioned on or/and around the clothed body according to a certain system and gently tapped. The harmonious sounds soothe the mind. The rhythmic sound vibrations loosen the body. The soul experiences space to unfold. Regeneration on all levels can happen.

With regard to the positive effects, in addition to the well-founded sound method and the high-quality singing bowls, certain principles that characterize the work of our members also come into play:

  • Mindfulness
  • Appreciation
  • Holistic
  • Less-is-more principle
  • Solution and resource orientation
  • Dialogical togetherness

Our members have all completed a sound training and are professionals in sound!

The relaxing, stress, anxiety and pain reducing effects of sound massage make it a perfect tool for numerous fields of work. Thus, in the course of more than three decades, in accordance with the motto “from practice – for practice” at the Peter Hess® Institute, in addition to the sound massage training, more than 80 specialized seminars and numerous degrees recognized by our association have been created, reflecting the diversity of sound work. These include:

Relaxation – Wellness – Prevention
  • (Certified) Peter Hess® Sound Massage Practitioner
  • Relaxation trainer for fantasy and sound journeys according to Emily Hess and Peter Hess
  • Peter Hess® Wellness Sound Massage
  • Peter Hess® Sound Relaxation Coach
  • Autogenic Training Instructor (PHI)
  • Course Instructor Progressive Muscle Relaxation (PHI)
Sound pedagogy
  • KliK® Expert/Practitioner* – Sound Communication with Children
  • Peter Hess® sound expert*in school (KliK®)
  • Children’s SOUND Relaxation Coach (KliK®)
  • Peter Hess® sound teacher* (KliK®)
Consulting – Coaching – Therapy
  • Basic Trust Coach KliK® by Emily Hess®
  • Peter Hess® Life Coach*in (KliK®)
  • Peter Hess® sound teacher* (KliK®)
  • Peter Hess® Sound Music Therapist*in
  • Sound therapy facilitator / Peter Hess® sound therapist
Accompaniment of illness – healing
  • Peter Hess® sound massage expert* for the accompaniment of recovery processes
  • Peter Hess® Sound Music Therapist*in
  • Sound therapy facilitator / Peter Hess® sound therapist
  • Sound therapy facilitator – occupational/physiotherapists and speech therapists
  • Peter Hess® sound therapist* – occupational/physiotherapists and speech therapists
  • Sound therapeutic companion* – for psychiatrists and psychologists
  • Peter Hess® Sound Therapist* – for Psychiatrists and Psychologists
  • Sound therapeutic companion*in – for alternative practitioners for psychotherapy
  • Peter Hess® sound therapist* – for alternative practitioners for psychotherapy
  • Peter Hess® Sound Expert* Dementia
  • Peter Hess® sound expert* gerontology
Emily Hess®-Klangyoga
  • Emily Hess® sound facilitator for yoga classes (for sound massage practitioners)
  • Emily Hess®-Klangyogamaster
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