Scientific Papers

Sound, Oscillation, and Consciousness by Ulrich Krause, 2018
Peter Hess® Sound Massage for those suffering from Parkinson’s Disease by Santos, Dannemann, 2018
Sound Massage Restores My Quality Of Life by Margit Willems Whitaker, 2015
Sound therapy applications in beauty, wellness and cosmetics by Christina Koller, 2017
Why does Sound Massage enhance well-being? by Christina Koller, 2010
Relieving stress and strengthening health with Peter Hess®-sound massage by Koller, Grotz, 2010
Peter Hess Sound Massage as a Complementary Method in Therapeutic Practice by Christina Koller, 2015
Enrich and actively shape your life with sound by Peter Hess, Koller, 2019
Occupational Health Management with Sound by Dr. Claudia Glöckner, 2019
The burden of lower back pain by Zeljko Vlahovic, 2017
Mindful Sound– Resonating Mindfulness by Birgit Amann, 2019
“We are really quiet and whisper.“ Experiences from a working group “Sound break after class” with students in the 2nd grade by Annette Heck, 2019
Development and research around the Peter Hess® sound massage (The Studies mentioned are in german language)
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