Singing Bowls for Health and Inner Harmony Through Sound Massage

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Klappentext: Englische Linzenz-Ausgabe des deutschen Titels "Klangschalen für Gesundheit und innere Harmonie"

© Südwest Verlag / Verlagsgruppe Random House GmbH, 1999, München
Autor: Peter Hess
Übersetzung: Dr. Telse Hunter

English translation of the German book "Klangschalen für Gesundheit und innere Harmonie"
© Publisher Südwest / Publisher group Random House GmbH, 1999, Munich, Germany
Author: Peter Hess
Translation: Dr. Telse Hunter

Blurb: In tune with one self. The sound of the singing bowl touches our core and elevates our soul. Its sound dissolves tension, mobilizes self healing powers and releases our creative energies. Maintaining health and healing with singing bowls - their use is manifold: from lowering high blood pressure to total stress relief. Tradition of singing bowls - an examination of the history of Tibetan bowls.

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